Perfect Faithfulness

LORD, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done wonderful things, things planned long ago. Isaiah 25:1

I shared this verse during a worship service last Sunday as an exhortation. It was a verse that I thought God was giving to me only for that moment, but He gave me so much more about it this week. I felt like I just needed to meditate on this one verse the whole week and I did, and God assured me of what His faithfulness is like in my life.

Isaiah was full of praise for the things that God did in his life and those two words that Isaiah used is something very important—perfect faithfulness.

I was thinking if there is even a term such as imperfect faithfulness?

The first thought that came into my mind (and I know it is a bit funny) was that I was asking God why Isaiah used such words as if there is a faithfulness that is not perfect. Then suddenly I remembered that of course there is. What makes me think that my own faithfulness to God is perfect?

IMPERFECT FAITHFULNESS. There is such a term and it is what I will use to describe my own faithfulness to God because there are and there will be times of unfaithfulness. No matter how much I want it to be perfect, it won’t be.

So how do we approach God? whether it’s about praising God, thanking God or simply praying and asking Him for the things that we need and want. Do we approach Him according to His perfect faithfulness? There are times that it is hard to relate to that thought because this world has distorted our own view of being faithful. Like If God tells us that He is our perfect father still there are times that we can’t connect to that mindset because of our own distorted views about our fathers. We make it as a reflection of who God is. We begin to tell God statements like (I can remember making the same statements) Lord if only the day ended like this…. If only it resulted like this… If only it came during this time… If only it came the way I wanted it to come then…

We fail to remember at times that God is a perfect God. That everything about Him is perfect. His ways. His timing. His faithfulness. If we don’t see it the way we want to see it, we can still trust Him because He does things in our lives in a way that is perfect. You wont see any holes in it. You won’t see anything wrong about it. It is simply perfect.

God wants to refresh us of our view of His faithfulness. He wants to liberate us from the doubts and fears that consumes us everyday. If we will only remind ourselves every moment of how PERFECTLY FAITHFUL He is!

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