Seeing it even though I don’t see it.

Found myself praying these exact words;

“Lord help me to see it even though I don’t see it.”

It’s me telling God; Lord I don’t know how it would turn out but I want to obey you still. And as I thought about it and processed it even more. I realized the truth about this question and how true it is for every decision we would make.

Will I obey what God has told me to do even though it seems not to make sense to me?

Even if I don’t see it yet or maybe I would not even see it at all.

That’s what Noah felt when he built the ark. He was not sure if the flood would really even come. That’s what the disciples felt when Jesus asked them to bring down their nets even though they have tried it before and didn’t work out.That’s what Peter felt when Jesus told him to get out of the boat even if nobody could really walk on water. That’s what Jesus did on the cross even though He already knew that some would eventually still reject Him after what He did for them.

Was it something illogical to do? YES.

Did it make sense during that moment? NO.

Did they still obey? A big YES.

A lot of times God will tell us to do something that is not according to how we would want it to be done.

I had those moments. Almost every time and sometimes my usual response would be correcting God, instructing God, drawing diagrams for God that seems more logical for me, planning for God and the list goes on.

It is during those times, when God tells you to stand up for what is right even though you are the only one standing. When God tells you to forgive even though it seems that the other person is not deserving of that forgiveness. When God tells you to wait even though it seems there is no point in waiting. When God tells you to obey even though it seems very illogical to obey.

You have to remember, it doesn’t matter how you feel. What matters is how God feels about it. It doesn’t matter how other people may think about it. What matters is what God thinks about it. It doesn’t matter how you see it what matters is your obedience towards it.

Every moment that seems very illogical to obey God is an opportunity to obey Him by faith. Obey Him even though you don’t see it. Not Yet. 

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