The Big Picture

As Christians, we all have that tendency to miss out the real calling that God has for us.

We miss it when we make the smaller picture a replacement to the bigger one. Sometimes we fail to understand the main point of God’s call in our lives. We confuse ourselves because we make the means to the end, the end goal itself.

Discipleship is the Big Picture. It is the main point. The end goal is that we give God the glory that He deserves, and we do that through the discipleship that we have in our lives. The smaller picture is the things we do to accomplish that goal. It is the opportunities that we get everyday to engage and soak ourselves in discipleship. We find these opportunities in our jobs, career, academic life, business, family and all the things that are part of our everyday life. Yet it is not the goal. It is not the big picture. It is not the main thing. It is an important part of it but it is not the main point.

We are called to be disciples. Our calling is discipleship. Discipleship is the continuos call to Follow Jesus, Fellowship with other believers and Fish for the lost. 

Maybe God called you to be a doctor and touch the lives of people through what you do. Yet is not the main point of why you are a doctor right now. Those things are just but a part of the main call that God has revealed to you. The main goal is to disciple people through being a doctor. You touch the lives of people through discipleship. That is the end goal.

Maybe you are not a doctor, maybe you are a lawyer, or a business man, or maybe you are still a student. The question is; how is the discipleship in your life right now?

We change a nation through discipleship. We change a generation through discipleship. We change the world through discipleship.

Don’t confuse the smaller picture to the bigger one. Don’t miss the main point. Always remind yourself of the Big Picture.

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