8 Things I learned in SCM

The 8 memorable things I learned in the 8th School of Campus Ministry.



            We all have learned to evaluate ourselves. To evaluate ourselves on how we are growing in humility, in serving others, character, leadership and most important of all with our relationship with God. It is what matters the most, not just as campus ministers but as disciples of Jesus Christ, we all need to grow everyday in our relationship with Him. Also we are thankful to our homeroom teachers that for three months, through the weekly student assessment we have come to know ourselves better because of it. hehe!
         The second lesson we have learned was to relate. We were 25 individuals coming from different places in the country, we had our differences, and we have many different ideas yet the greatest thing was we all shared one same passion. We are all passionate in reaching out the students of this nation. More than being classmates and teammates in this school, we were friends. To my classmates, your testimony, the life you shared was an encouragement to me everyday. Thank You.
         The third lesson was a lesson that we all enjoyed learning. The third lesson after evaluate and relate was to NOT BE LATE. hehe. The consequences of being late gave us enough reason to wake up early in the morning. Through this lesson we have become better performers. We have learned how to dance and sing and all other things in between. Not that we don’t know how important this lesson is, we just want to say thank you for reminding us about the discipline that we all need.
         The fourth lesson is to memorize. Thank you to our teachers for teaching us how to memorize. Thank you Pastor Paul for forcing us to memorize. haha! Now even in our sleep we would hear the phrase The Gospel is a past event and a current status. Thank you because everything you have taught us here in school, we did not only learn in our minds but also we have learned it by heart.
         One of the lessons we enjoyed was this fifth lesson, strategize. We will all come back to our campuses knowing the importance of strategies. That in reaching out the students, we need to do it strategically. Knowing that God will use these strategies to continually advance His kingdom for His glory. 
         The sixth lesson is to visualize. We have learned to see more clearly the vision that God has given us which is to reach out reach every campus in every nation. Everyday that vision helps us to persevere and continually believe God for the things He is about to do in the lives of the students we are discipling. Thank You Pastor Joseph for sharing to us that lesson on vision.
         The seventh lesson is to centralize. When it comes to our preaching and in simply communicating the word of God, we learned how important it is to centralize everything around one name which is Jesus Christ. Also in every strategy, every event and every other things we will do in the campus in order to  do what God has called us to do as campus missionaries, we all should remember this; Everything is and always will be about Jesus.
            Lastly after learning how to Centralize, the most important thing we have learned in this school is to Gospelize, if there is even such a term. To gospelize meaning, that in everything that we have learned and still about to learn, at the end of the day it all goes down to how we understand the Gospel, the story of what Jesus did for us and is still continually doing in and through us. Indeed, “the Gospel is a past event and a current status. That all our problems come from a lack of understanding the gospel and applying it to specific areas of our life and  that truly the two essentials for understanding the gospel are the magnitude of our debt and the greatness of His provision.” Thank you Pastor Paul Barker for sharing this to us. 

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