Sticks and Stones

As a kid, I was not the strong one. I’ve been called many names. I’ve been down often times and I sure do remember what it was like to want to get even. But I remember telling myself as a kid, that’s life and that’s how things are at times. I didn’t know better.

I realized that labels are important but when used against you, it can be very fatal. There’s a children’s rhyme that goes like this,

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”

A quick online search would tell you that it is used to persuade a child to ignore the taunt of whatever words or names have been said and called about them. I don’t know about you but from what I know, some names, labels and words can be very hurtful. There are so many names and labels that culture and people want to impose on you and it is very important what label you choose to believe in.

What names and labels have you been called by? How did it affect you? When the world calls you a loser, how do you react? When it tells you you are a nobody, what would you feel? When it labels you as hopeless, what would you believe? What hurtful words have been said to you?

Ignoring the taunt is good but it won’t bring you far. I want to share a few things that the next time the enemy, the culture, the people around you, and maybe your situation starts calling you with names and labels, these are what you need to remember.

Choose to be better, not bitter.

This can sound like a cliché but you have to know, when people do hurtful things against you, you can always choose revenge and hate or choose to be better. Don’t let what they did to you and have said about you dictate what you would do in return. When you give in to the temptation of retaliation, it will just complicate your situation. Try too look at it in a different perspective. Instead of it bringing you down, find meaningful ways on how you can avoid becoming what you have been labeled.

Find your confidence from someone bigger than you. 

This one of the most important things I have noticed and learned as a kid. When you know that there’s someone bigger than you who is ready to defend you, who has your back, and is willing to fight for you, then, what is there to fear. It just perfectly drives away your fear, right? Because you just know that as long as you have someone on your side who is bigger than anything or anyone, then who can be against you? God wants to be that Someone. We all know, nothing is bigger than Him. Draw your confidence from Him. He is willing and so able to fight the giants that are taunting you.

As long as you have someone on your side who is bigger than anything or anyone, then who can be against you?

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You are who God says you are.

Don’t believe in the names and labels that this world will throw at you. It has no right to tell you your worth. Only God has the right to label you because it was Him who created you. True confidence comes from the assurance that God alone has the right to label you. And you know what, through your relationship with Christ, He has named you His. Remember this, you are His and He is yours. He has labeled you holy, righteous, special, whole and the Bible tells you there’s so much more. The next time, anyone tells you otherwise, remember, sticks and stones may break your bones but their words will never hurt you as long as you know that God is for you.

Only God has the right to label you because it was Him who created you.

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