“He was too big to die.”

That’s what I heard from a sports commentator/analyst when he was trying to explain his reaction of disbelief. He couldn’t believe that Kobe Bryant died a tragic death. Well, no one could. Every person who watched basketball or in someway had tried to watch, couldn’t believe what they were seeing and hearing in the news about Kobe. I myself is a solid Kobe fan. I loved the lakers because of Kobe. I loved every moment of his epic battles with the Celtics and I watched his final game on live TV and during that time I couldn’t believe how great a basketball player he was. When he retired, the game and the lakers were never the same again. He was simply one of the best there is. It is really tragic and my prayers are with the family of those who were in that crash. I hope they’ll feel that God is with them during this time like never before.

“He was too big to die.”

I was contemplating on the thought almost the whole day. For some reason, I just couldn’t get it out of my mind. That sport analyst was repeatedly saying that Kobe was too big to die because He was such a global icon. So he justified in his heart that Kobe being so much an over-achiever, so determined as a person and was the ultimate competitor that he thought at one point, Kobe could go on and never die. After that, he said something again that made me reflect and write this blog.

“If he (Kobe) can go, then anyone of us can go.”

The truth is, no one in this world is too big to die. Anyone can go in any given day at any given place at any given time. That’s the one truth in life that no one can deny. Whether you’re a superstar athlete, actor, the president, a billionaire, or just an ordinary person; death is certain. People kept saying in social media the words; “gone too soon”. The reality is, death is one appointment we can’t cancel. This is the reality of life that even the Bible is affirming.

How do you know what your life will be like tomorrow? Your life is like the morning fog—it’s here a little while, then it’s gone. James 4:14 NLT

The sooner we accept this truth the better we can prepare for it and also actually grow in wisdom in this life that is too short.

Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom. Psalm 90:12 NLT

When we know and not live in denial because life is indeed short, then we gain wisdom. We begin to realize what we need to do. It makes us reflect and evaluate how we are doing in this life. Kobe’s picture is all over social media and at the bottom of it shows; 1978 – 2020.

kobePhoto: https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/

That DASH between Kobe’s birthday and his day of death is what matters the most. What you do in that dash in between is what will really matter in the end. The decisions you make, how you lived your life and what will happen in the life after this life here on earth is what truly matters. When we reflect on how fast and short life can be, it either gives wisdom or causes fear. Fear because no one knows what tomorrow will bring. But life is too short to live in fear. While it is true that no one can stop death from coming, we sure can be ready for it. Hopefully, our first step would be to go back to the very Person that gave us this life in the first place. He is our life-giver. It is just right to go back to Him for the Faith to face the end of our lives. When we go to Him, He willingly and graciously promises us this;

Jesus told her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying. Everyone who lives in me and believes in me will never ever die…” John 11:25-26 (emphasis added)

Don’t live your life in fear. Receive Jesus. Believe in Him. 

He’s the only legit person who is too big to die. When He died, after three days, He lived again, so that we can live a life without the fear of death. 

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