Thank You Mom!

To my Mom, if I am to write all the reasons why I’m thankful to God for giving me a Mother like you, a blog site is not able to contain it all. So here are some of those many things I am thanking God for because He blessed me with a woman like you…

  • Thank you for giving birth to me on New Year’s Eve. It’s just the #CoolestBirthdateEver.
  • Thank you for enduring all the stress that comes along with that date.
  • Thank you for all the burger steaks you have cooked for us every weekend. I miss it so much!
  • Thank you for teaching me that D-A-G-A is the greatest and easiest guitar chord patterns to play.
  • Thank you for crying with me when my first dog died.
  • Thank you for being considerate when I destroyed my cake during my first birthday (not sure about the age) using my face.
  • Thank you for my hotdog party when I was seven years old.
  • Thank you helping me in my cross stitch project when I was in elementary. The truth is, I think you finished it, not me.
  • Thank you for being patient when you used to tell me to eat vegetables and yet I didn’t want to. Even until now.
  • Thank you for making me wear a blue jumper in every class picture when I was kid. I was different. I stood out. Seriously, thank you for being my friend when no else wanted me to be their friend.
  • Thank you for being strong for me when I was at my weakest.
  • Thank you for reminding me that as long as you were there by my side. Everything is going to be okay. (Now I’m crying)
  • Thank you for teaching me to value family like no else did.
  • Thank you for teaching me that it is okay to cry. That it does not make me less of a man.
  • Thank you for all those nights when you were there sleeping beside me when I was too afraid to sleep on my own.
  • Thank you for all the sacrifices you’ve made for us.
  • Thank you for the unconditional love that you have shown me.
  • Thank you for reflecting the real meaning of forgiveness.
  • Most of all, thank you for introducing Jesus to me before anyone else did.

A day is not enough to celebrate the goodness of God because He made you my mother.

I will always be thankful for all the things you’ve done for me. God knows how thankful I am for your life. I know you will always be there for me no matter what. (Now, I’m starting to cry again.) Again thank you, and I LOVE YOU.

Happy Mother’s day to the moms out there! 

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