Lakers, China and More (Literally)

I think that is the weirdest title of a blog post ever. Anyways.

It was past 9pm and I was ready to go to sleep. Actually I wanted to sleep already and that was something new. Then I fell asleep already until something woke me up in the middle of it. I can’t remember what it was anymore. I think it was a thought that woke me up. (Yes, it is weird and strange) But that’s the reason why I’m awake right now.

The truth is, I have really nothing to write about. I just want to write.
I know something that’s productive enough to write about will come out soon but for now here are some of my thoughts.

Random thoughts, I think.

1. I’m still somehow disappointed about game 2. How the Lakers lost against OKC.
I can feel Kobe’s frustration when Steve Blake missed that very crucial shot in the last seconds of the game But that’s just how it is. Sometimes you’ll miss a shot. I know Steve was praticing day in and day out for those kind of shots. Yet sometimes that’s just how it is.

2. I’m thinking right now about China and the Philippines. I don’t even know why. I just know I have to pray for it. Seriously. I can remeber how my friend reminded me to pray for that.

3. Today I’ve worked with the most excellent people I know. I learned a lot. I enjoyed it. I just love what God is doing in this generation. Would not trade it for anything.

4. Lastly, I can’t remove the word MORE in my mind. It’s just there the whole day. Even after the worship night in our church last night, I still can’t get it out of my mind. I think I’ll write a post about it soon… Perhaps a book. Joke! hahaha! But it is there.

I’m thanking God for His grace. It sustains me everyday!


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