When I don’t know why.

I love the lyrics of this song!

“You know better than I”

What past or present experiences in your life cause you to say amen to that?

Was it the big detour you just went through?

Was it an experience in your life that did not make sense? Even until now.
Was it a situation that was the total opposite of how you wanted it to happen?
Or the questions you’ve been asking but didn’t seem to get the answers you were looking for?
Was it the right decision that you just made and yet brought you more trouble?
Is it the current problem you are facing?
Is it the current status you want to get out of?
Is it the present situation you wish you did not have?
Is it the life you’ve always been trying to control?
Joseph had his share of detours in his life and yet in the end, God turned the very situation that brought Joseph to that detour into something great.
Whatever situation you are in right now: Trust God. Stop trying to take control of it.
God is in control so He alone knows what’s best. 
When I don’t know why, God knows better than I.



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