Free at last?

We all have certain kinds of freedom in our lives. As we grow older the level of freedom increases. There were things we usually can’t do when we were younger but as we got older our freedom increases.

We now become more free to choose for ourselves. It seems that the limitations get smaller as our freedom gets bigger.

But the truth is…

Many of us want freedom but most of us don’t even know what it really is.There are things I’ve realized about freedom as I grew older. There were principles and truths that I understood clearly as I got older. I believe that what you understand fully you will handle correctly.

So these are 3 truths that I have learned about freedom that helped me a lot.

1. Boundaries bring freedom.

I used to think that I am most free when I have no limitations or boundaries in my life. I used to hate boundaries. It felt like it deprived me of what will truly make me happy. I was wrong. I’ve learned that boundaries actually makes me safer because it actually protects me. It allows me to move more freely. When I know my limitation it makes me a wiser person. Only when we understand that there is a limit, that there are boundaries, when we feel the fence that separates us between safety and danger can we truly be free to enjoy our lives wherever we are. Imagine a world without boundaries? That’s devastating right? I’m thankful for the boundaries that I have in my life.

2. Freedom always comes with responsibility.

For the person who is unwilling to grow up, the person who does not want to carry his own weight, this is a frightening prospect. – Eleanor Roosevelt

Most of us want freedom but we are frightened with the responsibility that comes with it. It takes a personal sense of responsibility and the ability to restrain oneself in order to enjoy it. To truly enjoy your freedom, you have to be responsible.

3. Freedom is a gift.

Freedom is a privilege that we have. It’s like a gift that was given to us. So like a gift, it has a cost. It cost something to someone so that we would be able to receive that gift. Freedom is not cheap because what we value we protect. If we really value what we have right now, we should protect it always.

We won’t do things that will cause harm to what we value. If we want to really handle the freedom that we have wisely and correctly we should learn to value the things in our lives as a gift given to us, as something that has a great cost. Learn to embrace wisely the freedom that you have right now. Don’t abuse it and use it to your own destruction. Apply these truths in your life, then you will know and learn when are you truly free.

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