Is this what’s best for me?

Everyone of us wants what’s best. But sometimes we get frustrated when we can’t seem to figure out how to get there. 
That season in your life when you ask yourself; 
“Is this what’s best for me?”
Is it this job?
Is it this house?
Is it this relationship?
Is it this school?
Is it this place?
Is it this kind of life?
Remember that moment when your parents told you “All I want is what’s best for you?”
We all want what’s best for us. So we go on trying to figure out how to get there. 
Getting that best job.
Going to that best school.
Owning that best house. 
You fill in the blanks for me. 
Yet sometimes God makes us realize that most of the time what we think is best for us is not necessarily what’s best for HIM. 
God’s best for our lives isn’t based on a formula. It is built on a promise. That’s why it stands firm. 
Most of the time we tend to find a formula for it. We try very hard to figure things out instead of going back to the promises He has for us in His word.  
When you learn to trust God first, knowing that He knows and holds the best things He wants for your life. Then you’ll know what to do. He’ll show you how to get there. 
This is what’s true: 
God wants what’s best for His glory and He is also gracious enough to give us what’s best for us. Romans 11:36
You first have to embrace that truth in your life.
God wants to give you the best comfort you could ever experience. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4
God wants to give you the best future that you can have. Jeremiah 29:11
God wants to give you the best help you can ever get. Psalm 121:3
God is able to provide for you the best provision you’ll ever need. 2 Corinthians 9:8
God has already given the best love we could ever experience in our lives. 
John 3:16
He knows what’s best. And again it ain’t based on a formula. It stands firm in His word.
You can count on it. 

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