Our Hope For The Election

By the time you will read this post you probably just finished watching the last presidential debate for the Philippine Elections 2016. And on May 9, every debate on who to vote for will end because only the final result will matter by that time.

As we observe, be involved, choose our candidates, and hope for the best, let me share certain thoughts about how to approach this coming elections as Christians, through God’s perspective. I hope this helps you in this crucial moment for our nation.

1. The ultimate source of our security is not found in the next elected president.

If the candidate of our choice does win this election, it is not supposed to give us the ultimate security. In the same way, if the candidate of our choice does not win, it is not supposed to demoralize us. The sovereignty of God should give us the ultimate security and peace. 

Let us be frustrated, but not as if we do not have hope.

When we see something that’s wrong in our society and in our government, we still can have hope. Our expectations and frustrations are modest. Don’t show to the world how angry you are because that only reflects how hopeless you are. If Christ is our hope then there is no hopeless situation. Whoever gets elected, there is always hope.

2. This world matters, but it is not ultimate. 

We want so many things for and from this world.  All of us want peace in our time. We want prosperity for our families. We cry out justice for every injustice that we see. But even if we want to experience that for our nation, this world is only temporary. What the world offers—its solutions and answers always fall short. It’s not wrong to want to have peace, prosperity, and justice in our time, but we are in this world not to simply have or to possess, but ultimately, to lay up treasures in heaven because that will be for eternity.

3. The political and social issues in our nation are important but there are more important things.  

I’m not promoting a passive lifestyle of not involving ourselves in issues of our society, or not to be socially responsible. What I’m saying is, there are unseen things that are far more precious than these issues. I challenge you to know and seek them.

We deal with the news, we deal with the candidates, we deal with the system, and by all means, go out and vote. But the election should not have our fullest attention. It’s not the greatest thing in our lives—Christ is. And just like what one pastor said: “Christ will be ruling over his people with perfect supremacy no matter who is elected and no matter what government stands or falls.”

As you vote this election, remember this.

The world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever. 1 John 2:17



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