An Open Letter To Those Who Will Not Graduate This Semester

It’s the time of the year when most students celebrate the ending of their semester. All their hard work finally pay off. No more requirements, deadlines to meet, papers to finish, and exams to pass, at least for now.

However, while others may be celebrating, I know for you, this can be a stage of disappointment, frustration, and perhaps regret. Because while others will march and celebrate their graduation, you will not. You will continue to wait and will try again next semester.

It can be a season of frustration but it can also be a season of joyful anticipation.  So let me just remind and encourage you with certain truths in this difficult stage in your life.

It does not define who you are.

Don’t get the meaning of your life from a graduation. Whether you graduate or not, it does not define who you are. Graduation wont give you the ultimate joy you’re longing for—only God will. The measure of real success in your life is based on how you will respond to the difficulties that is in front of you. 

Like all other seasons in life, this, too, shall pass. 

This season, this stage in your life, will also pass. The next school year will be another chance to get it right. Whatever reason you may have for not graduating this semester, you can have a comeback during the next one. You can do it right. It’s a new beginning. Instead of thinking of it as a lost opportunity, think of it as a new opportunity to start again with renewed hope and excitement for what is to come.  

God’s plan for you is still good, pleasing, and perfect.

Even though you will not graduate this semester, God still has a future for you. And it cannot be thwarted by simply you not graduating. With God on your side, know that His plan for you will still prevail. Believe and accept that. The future that God prepared for you will always still be the best there is.  

Lastly, it is a time to reflect on what lessons you can learn.  

In this season, reflect on what lessons you can learn from the past semester. Instead of allowing your mistakes and failures to bring you down, use it as a head start for a better school year. Nobody is perfect in this world—forgive yourself and move on. All the wrong things can always be done right the next time. Learn from it and allow yourself to grow.

I pray that God, will remind you that it is only Him who gets to define who you are and it’s only His plan that is worth pursuing and believing. His mercies are new and always available for you. 

I want to greet you a happy graduation in advance.

5 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Those Who Will Not Graduate This Semester

  1. For an iskolar in the university for 8 years now and missed my 2nd sem AY 2015-16 graduation opportunity (midyear’s my next chance) this is encouraging po thank you.

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