Don’t Over-Celebrate Work

Six years ago, I’ve  read an article about how the suicidal rate in some countries are rising and the most prevalent reason for that action is losing a job. Not to judge anybody, but honestly during that time, I was shocked that it can be a death sentence for some people. It was my first month on looking for a job then but now I am slowly seeing our culture show the reality of that issue. Some other things can be said about that particular reason in that article, but let me share something to think about this Labor Day.

You can celebrate work, you can celebrate your job, you can celebrate a promotion, you can celebrate success, you can even celebrate having your own desk in the office. But remember, an idol is always created in our heart when we make a good thing the ultimate thing.

An idol is always created in our heart when we make a good thing the ultimate thing.

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Why are you working? Why are you in the job that you have right now? What motivates you to stay at your office late at night? What drives you every morning to go to work?

It can be for a good reason. Perhaps, to provide for your family, to achieve your dreams, to save for your future, to do what you think you are called to do, to make an impact in this world. The reason can also be acceptance, so that people can regard you more highly. It can be your ego. It can be out of guilt. It can be to prove something. It can be, you, simply being a workaholic, and it could be for a lot of different reasons which can be good at some point. Work is good, but it’s not the ultimate thing in your life.

You may have a job right now or not, but don’t make it the source of meaning for your life.

Celebrate work but also celebrate rest. Celebrate your job but also celebrate the very purpose why God gave you that job. Celebrate your promotion but don’t forget to thank God for it. Celebrate work, but celebrate more,the God behind all of our great and honorable endeavor.

This Labor Day, I thank God for work and all the good things that come with it, but I want to thank Him more because work is not everything for me and it’s not supposed to be everything for you. You can celebrate work but don’t over-celebrate it. Happy Labor Day!

“Work is not all there is to life. You will not have a meaningful life without work, but you cannot say that your work is the meaning of your life. If you make any work the purpose of your life—even if that work is church ministry—you create an idol that rivals God. Your relationship with God is the most important foundation for your life, and indeed it keeps all the other factors—work, friendships and family, leisure and pleasure—from becoming so important to you that they become addicting and distorted.” Timothy Keller

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