Sunday Night Reflections: When God Says You’re Special

There’s something about being special that attracts our heart. It attracts us when we see something special. We enjoy receiving special things – a special gift, a special offer, a special surprise, being invited on a special event and the list goes on.

Deep inside our hearts, whether we accept it or not, we want to be special, right? We want to feel that our lives matter to someone. We want the world to tell us how special we are, that we are not just another face in the crowd. I believe that there’s something about the human heart that constantly craves for that.

Let me just say this to you now and hopefully it will change your life, you are special!

The  creator of this universe was the one who declared that. The same person who has put the stars that you see in their place knows your name. The same person who created everything that you see, wants you to know that you are special.

Why is it important to know that truth? Because you eventually become what you believe in.

If you believe you’re a loser then you’ll start living your life as if you really are. If you believe your life is without a purpose, then eventually you’ll start wasting your life. If you believe that there’s no hope for your future then it’s just a matter of time until you’ll fear what is to come.

But, if you believe that you’re special you will start to value your life. If you believe you’re special then you’ll start to stop allowing that person in your life to treat as if you’re junk. When you know you’re special, then you won’t throw yourself to any person who comes your way and won’t treat you the way you need to be respected. When you believe you’re special then you don’t have to abuse everything that has the potential to harm your life.

What you believe is what you’ll become. If you’ll just embrace that then your identity will change your activity.

So let me remind you again, God wants you to know how special you are to Him. God loves you as if you are the only person in this world. He so values your life that He did everything for you so you can live it to the full.

God loves you as if you are the only person in this world.

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Remind yourself of that, everyday. In this world that offers us with so many things, remember that the God who created everything is saying that you are loved and cherished. Let that change how you see and treat yourself.

When God says you are special then believe that you are!

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