A God Called Dad

“And he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers…” Malachi 4:6

This is the last verse in the Old Testament of the Bible.

God chose to end the last chapter with these words, with a message of turning the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers. Wonder why?

* * *

I want to greet all the dads out there a Happy Father’s Day! What you’re doing for your families are all worthy of honor and respect. But what I really want to write about today is the Father heart of God.

Of all the names Jesus could have chosen to reveal who and how God wants to relate to us, He chose the name Father. I believe that knowing God as Father is very important and if you’ll embrace it, it can actually change everything about your life. Through a relationship with Jesus Christ, the Bible says we are given the privilege to call God our Father but the enemy wants to use our experiences to destroy our view of God being a father.

I know that we all have experiences about our fathers and for some of us, those experiences are not that good, and here I am telling you that God is a Father. I know it would be very hard to embrace that if that’s the case. If our experience of a father is good then it would be very easy to do just that. But your earthly father is not the reflection of your Heavenly Father; He is the perfection of him.

Your earthly father is not the reflection of your Heavenly Father; He is the perfection of him.Click to tweet

There are times that it is hard to relate to that thought because this world has distorted our own view of fatherhood. If God tells us that He is our perfect Father, still there are times that we can’t connect to that mindset because of our own distorted views about our fathers. We make our fathers a reflection of who God is. But it’s not how it should be. Your Father in heaven wants you to know that He loves you so much and He is in every way, perfect.

Maybe you grew up without a father to be there for you. Your Heavenly Father wants you to know that He’s always there for you, ready to comfort you, ready to do things with you, ready to provide for you, ready to love you more than anyone or any father figure in your life could ever love you. Would you allow Him to show Himself as your perfect Father? Instead of complaining about your earthly dad not being the man he should be, why don’t you start looking up to your Heavenly Father and start becoming the man He wants you to be. 

On the other hand, if you grew up with a great dad and for you he’s perfect in every way, guess what? How much more is your heavenly Father who created your dad here on earth! Imagine how awesome the experience is if God is the perfection of your dad here on earth. Ultimately, He is your source of refuge and strength. He is available for you.

So no matter what your experience may be of how your dad is like, there is a God who you can call as your Dad and has a great plan for your life!

Happy Father’s day!

2 thoughts on “A God Called Dad

  1. Thank you, pastor for this reminder. I always read your blogs and it teaches me how to cope up in certain areas. 😊 Thank you for the inspirations and learnings! Keep on writing. 😊


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