You’re Never Late For Christmas

In just a few days before Christmas, people are getting ready, taking their last Christmas shopping, preparing their decorations for different parties, playing of different classic Christmas songs, wrapping their Christmas gifts for gift giving or if it’s in my case, opening my Christmas presents already because I’m too impatient to wait for Christmas day. In these last few days, it looks more and more a lot like Christmas. Or has it not?

The irony is, in spite of the celebrations, gift giving, Christmas carols, the lights, the food, even the smell that goes along with the season, still, many people miss Christmas every year…

It has been true before, it is still true today. That people can miss the real reason for the season. You celebrate only to find out, you are celebrating for the wrong reason. Your Christmas playlist is on repeat but does it have meaning to you as you hear every beat?

We have room for all these things that the season brings but have we made room in our hearts for the real reason why there’s even Christmas in the first place. Do you even know why Christmas is a season to celebrate and not just another reason to fill your plate?

During the first Christmas, Joseph and Mary was in Bethlehem looking for a room to stay, because the baby that the angels told them about, the One that will be the savior of the world, is to be born during that day. They were tired, probably weary because of the journey that they took. They were only looking for a nice place to stay. But here come the innkeeper in the story. He could have witness the birth of Jesus. All he needed to do was to make room for the couple to stay. Yet he did not so the Scriptures tells us these sad lines:

While they were in Bethlehem, the time came for Mary to have the baby, and she gave birth to her first son. Because there were no rooms left in the inn, she wrapped the baby with pieces of cloth and laid him in a feeding trough. Luke 2:6-7

Really? There was no room for Jesus? The king of kings? The savior of the world? Even just one room? The Scriptures doesn’t give more details to why there was no room. But one thing is clear no matter what the reason maybe, the innkeeper missed the opportunity to experience Christmas, many still do.

The innkeeper missed the opportunity to experience Christmas, many still do. 

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Many still miss the opportunity to experience the real meaning for the season. They miss the opportunity to see and seek the reason why this season is good news and why it brings great joy for all people. You can celebrate all you want, but without Jesus in your life, this season will always be something else but never Christmas.

Without Jesus in your life, this season will always be something else but never Christmas. 

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The real reason to celebrate is because a savior was born. The prophecy has been fulfilled. There was a divine intervention to rescue us from our sins because we are never capable of rescuing ourselves. It’s never possible for us to escape the punishment of our sins so Jesus came to be that only way for us to experience life in its fullest, to receive grace and not judgment.

Christmas reminds us of the message that Christmas is for everyone. For everyone who will receive its meaning. For everyone who will make room for its Savior. If you think you’re to messed up to even experience the grace of God in your life, I want to remind you that it’s never too late. Also if you think you don’t have a problem within yourself and you still are your own savior, I want to still remind you that you’re never too late. Never too late to accept the truth that you will never be good enough to be the hero of your own rescue story.

Jesus came, He was born, He had to die and He rose again. It’s never too late for Christmas. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience Jesus. Make room for Him in your heart. Open the door, He’s knocking and waiting. Jesus is Christmas. Embrace and receive Him in your heart, it’s never too late. Wise men still seek Him.

Wise men still seek Him. 

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