When You’re Not Spiderman Without The Suit

I love these lines from the new movie Spiderman. Tony Stark is my favorite marvel character. He just says the right words at the right time. Like this line where he was talking to Peter after trying hard to be like him, a rockstar hero. But that didn’t work well for him. So Tony tries to get back that spidey suit that he gave Peter.


What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

For Peter, it was the suit. For him, he was not Spiderman without his suit. Which gave him most of the cool abilities he had. Without the suit, he felt like he can’t do anything. He felt that he was no hero without it, a nobody. So Tony gave him the lesson of his life. It’s also a lesson we must never forget.

What’s your suit? What’s one thing in your life that if it’s taken away, it makes you feel insignificant? Without it, you feel that you’re nothing.

It perhaps can be your career? your car? your reputation? your achievements? your skills?

It can be your boyfriend/girlfriend? It can even be your spouse? It can be fame? It can be your friends? It can almost be anything.

The real question is; are you really nothing without those things?

If you put your significance and security in the things in this world, it’s a shaky foundation to build your life in. All these things that I mentioned are temporary. It can be gone in a second. It can disappoint you because its pleasures are fleeting. It can’t ultimately satisfy that void and longing in your life.

What makes you nothing when removed in your life is what makes your life disappointing.  

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The true measure of your success is when you have invested in something that is of eternal value. Something that would last beyond your lifetime.

Don’t put your hopes on earthly things but seek for what’s truly lasting. Build your life on something else. Build your life on what truly lasts. Build your life on what truly matters. Build your life on Faith in Jesus. He will not disappoint. He is the only person who will not leave you. He is the only person who can truly satisfy with pleasures that are forever. He is your very strong foundation.

This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls… Hebrews 6:19 

Jesus is that hope. When Jesus is in your life then you’ll never be a nobody. When Jesus is in your life, even if you don’t have everything, you still amount to something. When you have Jesus in your life then you have everything.

Maybe without the suit, Peter Parker is no Spiderman, but that’s okay. Jesus loves Peter even without a suit anyway. God has big destiny for you and it’s not based on what you could ever do. It’s based on what God can do in your life.

So, listen to Tony, if you’re nothing without that “suit” then you shouldn’t have it.  




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One thought on “When You’re Not Spiderman Without The Suit

  1. Wow! This was an excellent post, I loved how you brought in faith in God, it fits perfectly with my life as well as others. This was really, really well written! Just clicked the follow button, thank you for your work Kyle!


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