An Advent Journey: Just At The Right Time

We are in the season of advent once again, a journey of anticipation and celebration that traditionally spans the four Sundays leading up to Christmas. Advent simply means arrival. The Christmas season once again reminds us of the arrival of the greatest gift ever given to the world. The arrival of our Lord Jesus Christ came like a ray of hope that was shining ever bright in this dark and hopeless world. But the arrival of Christ did not come without a wait. From the Old Testament to the New Testament, there was a four hundred years of silence. God promised to the Israelites, that there would be a savior to be born that would take and rescue a world of chaos and injustice because of sin but somehow for four hundred years, God was silent. Imagine four hundred years without a word from God – no voice, no prophet, no encouragement, nothing. Imagine the Israelite’s agony of waiting. Imagine the struggle to keep their faith in the promises given long before. Imagine from one generation after another, they were passing questions that lingered for many years. Was God gone? Was He ever really there? Has he forgotten about us? Can we still trust Him?

Then suddenly, after hundreds of years, just at the right time, angels proclaimed:

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among men on whom his favor rests.”

The long wait was over. The long silence was broken. During one night in Bethlehem, in a messy manger, the greatest promise was fulfilled, the greatest blessing was received, the greatest of all arrival came, a savior has been born.

So Christmas is really a story of a promise fulfilled. Christmas always reminds us that God always does what He promises He will do. That God will always come through, even at the darkest nights of our waiting and agony, He will always come, rarely at our appointed time, but He always come just at the right time. God always knew the right time to give what He has promised to give. Every time we are confronted with our own sense of wanting to control the things in our life that’s still yet to come. Christmas urges us to wait patiently and with anticipation the promise of God for our lives.

This advent season, whether you have been waiting for someone, the restoration of your family, a diagnosis that you’ve been so afraid to face, a promotion that you are hoping for, a provision that you’ve been praying for, or simply a thing in your life that’s not yet here, whether it’s been a year, twenty years, or it felt like forever already. This advent I hope you will realize and experience, that God is always there. That you are not only waiting for God but you are waiting with God.

So what are you waiting for?

No matter how long the wait, you can always trust Him. God is not only a promise giver but also a promise keeper.

Just like the Christmas story, He came just at the right time. He always does.


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