When Dreams Get Dumped

Joseph had a dream. He had a dream that his destiny was big. Big enough, that in his case, his brothers hated him for it. They were jealous of him and that turned into chaos for Joseph.

Now Joseph had a dream, and when he told it to his brothers they hated him even more. Genesis 37:5

He believed that there was something more in store for him. He didn’t want to settle for less, He wanted more. So along the way, his dreams led him to some unfortunate events, it even got him into prison. Just because he believed that somehow, in someway, God had something big prepared for him. Life was hard. A lot of times in his life it felt like, his dreams got dumped. In times of hardship, he could have just given up and stop believing the dream he was given. But he pushed through, still believing that God wanted his life to matter and that was the dream. The dream was not really about the fame, the riches and influence that God can give him. The dream that God gave him, was that He wanted Joseph to know that his life could matter, more than all the treasures of this world can offer.

…And whatever he did, the Lord made it succeed. Genesis 39:23

Sometimes, our story can be just that, you have a dream and you know it’s a God-given dream. A God-given purpose and a God-given destiny, yet it just don’t seem to look like that right now. It seems that every time you try to pursue that dream, it gets dumped. Well, let me encourage you to remember that if it’s a God-given dream, then the world may try to conspire against you, yet it won’t succeed. God can’t be stopped, He won’t.

I love how one pastor said it.

When you want what God wants for the reasons God wants it, you’re unstoppable!”

No one can stop that dream as long as you know that’s what God wants. I want to remind you that if God is for you then who can be against you?

At the same time, I also wonder every time I read this story, if at the end of Joseph’s life, he actually said; “The dream was actually more amazing than I thought it was!” I know for sure that God exceeded his expectations. The dream he had when he was a boy was just a glimpse of what God wanted to accomplish in and through his life. I realized that also at times God may have to actually dump some of our self-centered dreams to give room for His bigger and better dreams for us. 

God may have to actually dump some of our self-centered dreams to give room for His bigger and better dreams for us. 

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