Sunday Night Reflections: The Struggle Is Real

Have you ever waited in the hospital in the middle of night? It’s all quiet but not calm. It’s all gloomy and seems nothing’s fine. Yesterday night, I was waiting for a room for my wife in the emergency room of a hospital and all I can see are people staring at each other quietly and probably thinking why life at times has its turns that are not quite where they intended it to go. I had the chance to write tonight about something that I realized last night while I was with some people who were trying to make it through the struggle that they’re in.

Sometimes life hits you hard. In those times you realized that the struggle is real and you feel the need to endure. We all have been in that place of desperate need. At times, it’s because of our own actions and sometimes it’s because of things that we really just can’t control. If you’ve been in that place or you are currently right there, I want to encourage you with some things that hopefully will help you make it through the night.


Just because things are out of your control it doesn’t mean it’s out of God’s control.

At times, things get out of control and we turn in to panic mode thinking how to get things back in control. If for a time you don’t get back in control it can really be frustrating. But in that time, you have to closely remember that things are never out of God’s control.  His grip is way stronger and way more firm than yours. Your situation doesn’t slip out of God’s hand. He always has a bigger plan. He always has something good in store for you. He always will make sure that his plans will prevail in and for you. In His word, God doesn’t tell us to be still and ‘feel’ that He is God, He tells us to be still and ‘know’ that He is God. 

Just because the struggle is real it doesn’t mean God’s power and love for you ain’t real. 

It is actually more real than you think it is. His power is more real in times that it doesn’t feel that way because He empowers us to not only to face and not fear what’s around us but to face and and not fear ultimately what’s bullying us inside and within us. His love is real even at times it feels like everything has been taken away from us, because in that moment, He then becomes the only person that’s left with us and we realize His love is what we really will ever need to make it through and start again. When you are in a moment in your life where you don’t know how and where to start again, you always start with God. Start remembering how much He loves you and how much He is willing to be there for you not only in the good times but most especially in the tough times in life.

Just because you can’t see the light right now it doesn’t mean you’ll always be staying in the dark.   

Probably right now you can’t see when this challenge in your life will be over. But you have to know that just because you can’t see it yet it doesn’t mean you won’t see it anymore. You have to hope that it’s just a matter of time until what’s in front of you will soon be behind you. Don’t give up just yet. Keep your hopes up and remember that as long as you put your hope on God there is no hopeless situation in your life. When bad things happen don’t stop believing that something good can still happen. Just don’t stop believing and put your hope on God who is way bigger than you.

I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Psalm 27:13


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